Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chocolate Rassberry Soap and Coconut Lime

I am soooo happy with myself at the moment i made to batches of soaps last night and they look perfect and smell OMG delicious, if they could invent computers that we could smell a picture then you would understand what I mean. This picture below is of the Coconut Lime Soap I made and it is so refreshing and yummy, if only we could eat soap ha ha.
Both these soaps wont be ready to purchase until 1st Jan 2010 that seems such along time to wait so in the meantime check out our website for other delicious soaps at

Coconut Lime Soap
This is so yummy smelling i just want to bite in to it, but I think that would spoil it getting a soapy taste in my mouth, I am so going to loose some weight with this one if I have any cravings I will just smell my soap.
Chocolate Rassberry Soap


Leonie said...

Ohh, they do look delish!

Philippa said...

Yummy. Yummy

Precioso Designs said...

They all look so yummy, cant wait to smell them. I' using one of my soaps I bought and loving it!

Love Paula

P.S I bought the bon bons for Christmas Day today!

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