Friday, January 28, 2011

White Tea & Ginger Soap

I couldnt resist last night after my soap had sat covered for about 9hours and didnt notice any gelling, I decided to get it out of the mold and cut it. I think I am glad there is only very slight veins you wont notice by the pic, but I think if I had left it, it may have gotten worse.

White Tea & Ginger Soap

Tonight I have managed to make two soaps Lavender Swirl and a Rose soap with Australian red clay. I have done what Holly from sparklebrook did and put a fan on my bench not sure how long I will leave it on for.

Here are some pics.


Lyn said...

I so love the colours in your White tea and ginger soap :0) logs look amazing cant wait for the cut pics :0)

Susannah Iredale said...

Thanks Lyn, I am happy with this soap, its been a while since I have had a good soap, these are actually cut in this pic, I will put more up when I label them though.
Thanks for commenting.

Holly said...

The White Tea and Ginger is lovely! I can't wait to see cut pics of the other two, they have such pretty colors!

Splurge Sisters said...

The white one is beautiful. The two in the molds look pretty as well.

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