Thursday, January 27, 2011

OK Getting Frustrated

I have only managed to make two soaps on the school holidays, and cant say I was that happy with them, my Rhubarb Al Fresco thickened up so quickly and I have lots of horrible veins in it and my Oatmeal & Grapefruit Essential oil one has now got white frost on top, I know it is still fine to use both of these soaps but gee it is sooooo frustrating when a soap doesnt turn out.

I managed to get time to make a soap today had my two year old at family day care and my other two kids I took them to the park in the morning and then got home told them to watch cartoons and they didnt come in to my soap office (garage) once, I must of worn them both out. So anyway I made White Tea & Ginger soap tonight its covered up I bet it will have cracks in the morning mmmmmmm only time will tell.

I was reading on Sparklebrook blog (Holly) and she mentioned in a post she doesnt gell her soap and she soaps at room temperature, I used to do this a while back and I can remember why I stopped anyway if this batch I did today is terrible I think I will try what Holly does again.

Here are some pics of soap.

Thanks for reading.


Holly said...

They do look very pretty. Packaged up we don't see what you saw as a loaf. I never thought of the oatmeal/grapefruit combo. I bet it smells awesome!

My Lemon Fun swirl soap doesn't want to come out of the mold because it's still too soft. Why is soapmaking so frustrating but we just keep coming back to it?

Susannah Iredale said...

Thanks Holly,
Yes I quite like the smell of the grapefruit soap.

It is funny how its frustrating but we keep going back to it. I love cutting soap to see what it looks like inside, there is so much art to soap making.

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