Friday, May 15, 2009

Ha Ha Ha Back at you!!

My little sister Susannah was a bit sneaky and gained access to my blog and posted some pictures that I probably wouldn't have posted myself so it's time for SWEET REVENGE!!

The only problem is I'm on her computer, and I'm sure I have some really good pics on my computer at home that I could put up but I will see what I can find.

Ha what a find! She took this photo in reponse to some silly ones that I sent her of me.
You see our little sister Kristy takes photos of herself all the time and has been doing it for so long that she has perfected taking her own photo, to the point that she has her head tilted on a special angle and it works. If she takes her own photo on the right angle it looks good so Susannah and I have been trying to practice and the results have made us laugh...which at the moment we need a good laugh.

I thought I'd better put one of me being silly as well so she cant complain!

And here is our perfect little sister Kristy!

Oh my god, I'm a bit scared she is going to be me back even worse!!! Might have to change my password!

Love ya sis, signing out now.

Paula (Susannah's wicked sister)

hahahahhaha {evil laugh} little sister Kristy has joined in the fun and added the perfect photo of MOI hahahahahahhahah lucky for me neither of them know my password!!!


Kristy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I cant stop laughing!! Sorry big sisters but you will never perfect my pose!! Thank god you dont have my password phew!

Kristy said...

Oh party pooper susannah, you deleted the really FUNNY one lol

kerri said...

omg you gals are crazy so glad you are all in my team.
I am going to have to be very very careful with my passwords

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